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Sep 18, 2011 5:30am PDT
medals in the paraolympics. called one of the most inspirg women in america, bonnie st. john is our slice of women in america, bonnie st. john is our slice of life. ♪ >> i grew up in san diego, california, which is unusual for an african-american with one leg with no snow to end up becoming a ski racer. >> voted one of the most inspirational women in america, 46-year-old bonnie st. john was born with a birth defect that stunted the growth in one of her legs and at 5 years old, doctors told her they would have to an tape. but had she was determined to have an ordinary life. it was a high school friend who introduced her to skiing. >> it is amazing because she's white, i'm black and she didn't see differences. she reached out and said, hey, you know, let's go skiing together. so it's -- it's amazing how somebody can change your life. i started skiing and found out there were a lot of other amputees who skied and raced, so this was my chance to really find out what i was made of and see if i could make the u.s. team. and so i really went for it. >> did she ever. bonnie made the pa
Sep 10, 2011 7:00am PDT
into the city of bonnie walid, trying to capture the city from supporters loyal to moammar gaddafi. the area is one of gaddafi's last remaining strongholds. rebel forces have set today as the deadline for gaddafi loyalists to surrender. gaddafi has not been seen in public for several months, and is considered a fugitive in the country since the fall of the capitol of tripoli last month. >>> in the early hours of the morning, just before state lawmakers wrapped up the legislative session, republicans blocked the governor's plan to create more jobs through tax reform. lawmakers accuse governor brown of rushing through bills on the last legislative day. republicans want brown to call a special session to consider bills aiding the economy. brown proposed tax breaks for california businesses by encouraging them to buy equipment and expand in the state. >> all regions of california, the opportunity to get started sooner rather than later was putting people back to work. >> like i told the governor, i don't have any intentions of recommending to my caucus that they vote for something that they have
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2